This Is Your Captain Freaking: Pilot Rants About Her Divorce, Politics in Meltdown Before Takeoff

At least 20 passengers got off the plane.

A United Airlines pilot was tardy to her flight over the weekend and arrived in civilian clothing before getting on the loudspeaker and ranting, among other things, about her recent divorce and politics.

About 20 passengers disembarked from the plane as she spoke Saturday, saying they didn’t feel safe with her as the pilot, according to reports.

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“Ok, if you don't feel safe, get off the airplane,” the pilot said on the plane, which was held at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Saturday afternoon. "I'll stop and I won't fly the airplane. Don't worry — I’m going to let my co-pilot fly it. He's a man, OK?"

The United Airlines flight, from Austin to San Francisco, was delayed two hours until another pilot took over.

Passenger Pam O'Neal was astonished at what happened.

"She said, 'let's take a vote — how many of you would like to take off now dressed as I am or would you prefer that I take ten minutes to change into my cute little uniform?,'" O’Neal recalled to Inside Edition.

“Then she started talking about her divorce," O'Neal added. "And political candidates and the minute she mentioned that a gentleman just stood up and yelled, ‘Woah! Enough! You're scaring me.'"

Another passenger, Randy Reiss, gave a running commentary on Facebook as he left.

“I'm shaking right now. The captain demonstrated that she was not mentally in a safe space,” he wrote.

He added that the pilot also ranted about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying, "She’s like ‘I don’t care if you voted for Trump or Clinton. They're both s***." 

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The pilot also insulted a mixed-race couple on board, saying: "Did I offend you? Ok, so I purposely offended you. I did? The answer is yes."

O’Neal added: "The more she tried to convince everyone she was OK to fly, the more people got off."

Police removed the pilot from the plane. She has been removed from her duties pending an investigation, United Airlines said.

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