4 Sets of Formerly Conjoined Twins Gather for Special Get-Together: 'Miracles in One Room'

Each of the twins had undergone separation surgery.

Four sets of formerly conjoined twins from different parts of the country have come together to meet for the first time and share stories of their special bond.

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Each set of twins underwent life-changing surgery after they were born, and Inside Edition has brought all the young adults under one roof.

Meeting up recently in Salt Lake City, Utah, the twins enjoyed each other's company and went bowling.

Abigail and Isabelle Carlsen, 11, of Bismarck, N.D., were conjoined at the chest and shared a liver. Their separation surgery was among the riskiest as doctors had to cut into their chest to their belly button.

Lexi and Sydney Stark of Denver, Colo., were joined at the hip and spine when they were born 16 years ago.

Their mom, Emily, says the operation to separate her twins was very risky.

She said: “Our worst case scenario would be paralyzed. Best case? We got it." She added: “The odds are not in their favor to be alive. Let alone to be thriving.”

Sydney told Inside Edition: "A lot of people judge what happened to them. I don’t judge because I know the struggle I know what it's like.”

Massey and MacKenzie Garrison, 14, of Des Moines, Iowa, were conjoined at the hip. Their separation surgery left them with one leg each.

MacKenzie said she and her sister buy shoes together. One of the girls even has two bellybuttons following the surgery. The other has none.

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Kendra and Malyiah Herrin, 15, were from Salt Lake City and didn’t have to travel far. They were also conjoined at the hip.

Massey told Inside Edition after meeting the other twins: “Never thought there were other people like us.”

Everyone was happy to meet each other, like typical kids, they took selfies and followed one another on social media.

Abigail and Isabelle's mom, Amy Carlsen, told Inside Edition all of the girls were "miracles," and called the meeting "all miracles in one room." 

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