Rookie 911 Dispatcher Meets Baby She Calmly Helped Deliver Over the Phone

Katie Farber had only worked seven shifts before helping to deliver the baby boy.

A rookie 911 operator coolly talked a father through the delivery of his own son.

Katie Farber had only worked seven shifts at California’s Ventura County Fire Department, but she knew exactly what to do when a nervous dad called for help.

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Not only was his wife in labor, he could see the baby’s head.

“Tell her to push with each contraction, with a deep breath in between,” Farber told dad Supreme Dow. Make sure to support the baby’s head and shoulders, the 25-year-old dispatcher instructed.

Dow, the proud papa of new son Supreme Dow Jr., told the experience was a piece of cake.

“I was poised, the dispatcher was poised. It was a tremendous experience,” he said.

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His wife, Tennesha, their baby, and their 3-year-old daughter, recently paid a visit to the dispatch center in Camarillo so they could all meet Farber, who now seems like another member of the family.

“She spoke with conviction, with authority. But more importantly, she sounded like she knew what she was doing, like she’d been through this a million times,” Dow said.

Farber also told Dow to keep encouraging his wife as she grappled with the pain.

“You are a queen!” he can be heard shouting on the 911 audio tape. “You are queen! You are a queen! You are a queen, my woman! Push! Push! Push!”

And push she did. And out popped little Supreme, perfectly healthy.

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The couple had planned to deliver their baby at home, Dow said. He called 911 just as the baby’s head began to crown and wasn’t on the phone longer than a few minutes, he said.

But he wanted Farber to know he considered her a big help.

Mom, dad and dispatcher embraced at their meeting. Farber held tiny Supreme Jr., now 3 weeks old.

“Because of her, I have a phenomenal story to tell,” the father said.

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