'Bridesmaid of The Year' Throws Herself Out of Wedding Photo, Becomes Viral Sensation

The bridesmaid is now famous for a goofy wedding shot taken just before she face-planted during a photo shoot.

A 21-year-old college student has rocked the internet for literally throwing herself out of a bridal photo.

Janessa James, a senior at Brigham Young University, has been a bridesmaid 12 times and is in no hurry to become a bride herself.

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But she’s now the focus of an inordinate amount of attention on social media — all because she posted a goofy image of herself taken during a photo shoot for her friend, Amy Lewis.

Some have even dubbed her "Bridesmaid of the Year."

Her friend was all in white, kissing her intended, Riley, in windswept reeds in Sundance.

James, dressed in civilian clothes and along for the ride, was supposed to throw her friend’s gown into the air and then run as fast as she could. The photographer would edit her out of the frame so it would appear the bridal train was floating on air.

But after several shots, Jameson she just couldn’t get out of the way fast enough, she told InsideEdition.com.

So she tossed the dress again, and this time she leaped, arms outstretched to break her fall, and ended up face-planted in the reeds.

"Everyone thought it was hilarious," she said.

The photographer sent her an unedited frame, with James mid-plunge, looking as she was about to perform an uncoordinated cartwheel.

The pre-wedding photo was actually more than a year ago, but as a lark, James posted it on Reddit earlier this month.  

She’s been deluged with messages, tweets and media requests ever since.

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“It’s pretty amazing,” she said. She can only guess why the image has become so popular.

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” she said. “A lot of single women are just diving. This time of year people are just diving to get away from being married or being in a relationship,” she said, laughing. "Even though they may want that in their lives someday."

James says she is in the latter category, though as a Mormon living in Utah, she has seen quite a few friends head down the aisle at an early age.

"I’ve been a bridesmaid so many times," she says. "I’m like the go-to person for weddings here."

But she’s OK with always being in the role.

"I’m fine being single right now," she said. "I know I’ll find the right person."

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