Bit Actor Snaps Photos of Trump Discussing Diplomacy Crisis at Mar-a-Lago Restaurant, Raising Security Concern

Richard DeAgazio is a major Trump supporter from Boston.

A Boston businessman's photographs showing President Donald Trump dealing with a national security matter at Mar-a-Lago Saturday night are raising security concerns.

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Investor Richard DeAgazio, a big Trump supporter, posted the images on Facebook over the weekend. He has since taken down his Facebook page and is not answering phone calls.

DeAgazio is also a bit actor, briefly appearing in films like Mystic River and Ted.

He took the photos as Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dined on the terrace at Mar-a-Lago overlooking the Intercostal Waterway. DeAgazio, who recently paid a $200,000 initiation fee to join the exclusive club, was having dinner six tables away.

"Holy moly!!! It was fascinating to watch the flurry of activity at dinner when the news came that North [Korea] had launched a missile in the direction of Japan," he wrote. "The Prime Minister of Japan huddles with his staff and the president is on the phone with Washington D.C."

Critics say the photos prove there was a serious breach of security by President Trump, including Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi. 

"There's no excuse for letting an international crisis play out in front of a bunch of country club members like dinner theater," Pelosi tweeted

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DeAgazio also posted a photo of himself with an army officer, saying: "He carries the 'football.' The nuclear football."

The "nuclear football" is the term given to the briefcase used by the president to authorize a nuclear strike while away from a command center.

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the two world leaders were discussing an upcoming press conference and not classified information.

"Apparently there was a photo taken, which everyone jumped to nefarious conclusions what may not be discussed, there was simply a discussion about press logistics where to host the event," he said. 

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