Beagle With Short Attention Span Captures Hearts During Westminster Dog Show

She didn't win the agility contest, but she was a favorite with the crowd.

Sometimes a dog just wants to be a dog, even when competing at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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Mia the beagle was a contestant in the agility championship this past Sunday. But while navigating the obstacle course, she suddenly came to a dead stop, sniffed the turf and looked around in awe at her surroundings.

Video of Mia’s antics went viral, and while she didn’t win the competition, she stole the show.

Her handler, high school student Natalie Fisher, told Inside Edition: "We heard a child scream in the background and we think she was looking for that."

She added: "It was very high energy, lots going on and I don’t think she really knew how to handle it that well."

At points during the competition, Mia stopped and sniffed herself as a dog often does.

"In that moment, all I could really do was laugh. I didn’t expect her to what I wanted her to do," Fisher said. 

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Fisher said it's not unusual for Mia to get distracted.

"Mia is 10 years old. She is super crazy and she didn’t seem that crazy at the show but she wants to have fun," Fisher said. 

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