The Many Loves of Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor had a dramatic personal life, and was married eight times. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at Taylor's many marriages.

Elizabeth Taylor was as famous for her marriages as her movies. She walked down the aisle eight times, with seven men.

She once said, "I am a very committed wife. And I should be committed too, for being married so many times."

Taylor was just 18 and had just appeared in Father of the Bride when she got married for the first time.

Husband number one was hotel heir Conrad Hilton, great-grandfather of Paris Hilton. Their marriage lasted only eight months.

Taylor had better luck with husband number two, actor Michael Wilding, who was 20 years her senior.

They had two children over the five-year life of their marriage, but it too ended in divorce in 1957.

Just a week after the divorce, Taylor married husband number three, Hollywood producer Mike Todd, thought by many to be the first real love of her life.

Tragically, Todd died in a plane crash just after their first wedding anniversary.

A devastated Taylor was comforted by Todd's best friend, singer Eddie Fisher.

Their friendship turned into an affair and the affair turned into the most notorious Hollywood scandal of the 1950s. Fisher was married to America's sweetheart, Debbie Reynolds.

Taylor was labeled a homewrecker.

Fisher became Taylor's husband number four in 1959, and the couple appeared together in Butterfield 8, the movie for which she won her first Oscar®.

Taylor was still married to Fisher when she met the man who would turn her world upside down.

She was playing the title role in the movie Cleopatra opposite a ruggedly handsome Welsh actor named Richard Burton.  

Their on-set romance became the stuff of legend, perhaps the most celebrated love story in Hollywood history.

Burton became husband number five in 1964.

Taylor and Burton were the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of their day, but proved to be a tempestuous match, much like the couple they played in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Taylor and Burton divorced in 1974, after ten years of marriage.

A year later, they actually got married again, but the second marriage lasted less than a year.

Husband number six was U.S. Senator John Warner of Virginia.

For six years, Taylor played the Washington political wife, but she and Warner divorced in 1982.

Husband number seven, Larry Fortensky, was perhaps the strangest choice of all.

Taylor met Fortensky, a construction worker, when they were both in rehab.

They married at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in October 1991, only to divorce in 1996.

Most recently, Taylor was linked to businessman Jason Winters.

But when asked about a possible ninth marriage, Taylor said, "Marriage?! Nooo!"