Community Raises $5,000 for 8-Year-Old Triplets with Brain Tumors: 'It's Been a Struggle'

The Cosenos said they have gone through countless surgeries and doctors' appointments, but paying medical bills was the biggest hurdle of them all.

A community has rallied around a Florida family whose 8-year-old triplets were each diagnosed with brain tumors.

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The Coseno family, of Miami, was able to raise $5,000 to help with medical bills for 8-year-old Ellie, Gigi and Carmina during a Sunday fundraiser held at a neighborhood restaurant, Quarterdeck. 

"We moved to Sunrise two years ago and the support that we have found in our community has changed our life," the triplets’ mother, Kimberly Coseno, told WSVN.

The family relocated from Ohio just after they discovered they discovered Ellie had five brain tumors when she was 5 years old. She has already undergone seven surgeries, and will need more in the future. 

They later discovered their two other girls, Carmina and Gigi, also had similar brain tumors.

“It’s been a struggle,” Kimberly explained.

For the last few years, the Cosenos said they have endured countless surgeries, doctors’ appointments and chemotherapy treatments, but it was their fight against insurance claims and hospital bills that proved to be the most daunting hurdle.

"After about two years of fighting this fight, quietly in our own family, doing what we had to do, just surviving, going to the surgeries, the medical appointments, it was, it was a lot,” Coseno said.

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Quarterdeck donated 20 percent of the proceeds to the family during the Sunday fundraiser, which was also attended by former Miami Dolphins wide receiver O.J. McDuffie.

"We are filled with love for everybody who has helped us out in this process to get our children healthy over the last few months,” Kimberly said. “I am filled with love.”

To donate to Ellie, Gigi and Carmina's cause, visit the family's GoFundMe page.

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