Atlanta Zoo Names Baby Cockroach 'Tom Brady' After Losing Bet

Forced to name a baby animal after the quarterback following the Super Bowl LI loss, the folks at Zoo Atlanta complied.

As Falcons fans mourn their devastating Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots, Zoo Atlanta has offered consolation in the form of a cockroach named Tom Brady.

Forced to name a baby animal after the Patriots quarterback and Most Valuable Player, zoo officials weren't going to sacrifice their hometown pride entirely.

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Zoo Atlanta explained the situation in a Facebook post:

"Well … the New England Patriots won #SuperBowlLI, so that means we lost our bet with Roger Williams Park Zoo & Carousel Village," the post read, referring to Zoo Atlanta's counterpart in Providence, R.I.

"Before the game, our two zoos decided the losing side would name one of their baby animals after the winning team’s star quarterback, and figuring the losing side would be pretty bitter about it, we came to the agreement that baby animal... would be a Madagascar hissing cockroach," the post continued.

Along with their less than enthusiastic announcement, Zoo Atlanta included a video of little newborn Tom Brady.

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"So without further ado - Meet our newly-named Program Animal family." 

And with him are his cockroach brothers and sisters:  Mike, Carol, Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Jan and Cindy.

Little Tom is currently the smallest of the cockroach Brady Bunch, but his species is one of the largest in the world. Madagascar hissing cockroaches, known for the sound they make by forcing air through their respiratory openings, can grow as long as two inches and live for some five years.

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