Liz Taylor's Final Husband Larry Forensky Deals With Financial Problems

Elizabeth Taylor’s last husband, Larry Fortensky, is in financial hot water and his house has been foreclosed on. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Elizabeth Taylor's eighth and final husband Larry Forentsky enjoyed a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle at her side.

But now Forentsky is facing crushing financial problems and is reportedly living in a mobile home after losing his house outside Los Angeles.

The house Forentsky lived in for eight years was forced into foreclosure due to his crushing debts.

The house looks modest but it has two and a half acres of horse property and at the height of the real estate market, it was worth more than $750,000.

The house has a swimming pool, a stable and an exercise ring for horses.
Foreclosure documents obtained by INSIDE EDITION show Fortensky owed more than $700,000.     

Now, after extensive renovations, the house is for sale for $450,000.

Fortensky almost lost the house in 2009 but he reportedly turned to Taylor for help. She bailed him out with a $50,000 gift.  

But she was too ill to help when he needed another hand-out just a few weeks ago.

Fortensky, a former construction worker, Fortensky Taylor at the Betty Ford Clinic. They were married in 1991 at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

After their divorce five years later his life seemed to go into a downward spiral.

In 1996, INSIDE EDITION cameras were there when he moved out of another house to live in an RV. He was even drinking on camera.