Parks and Dereliction: Eerie Images From Closed Amusement Park Deserted by Hurricane Katrina

The once-vibrant Six Flags New Orleans now looks like a ghost town.

Nearly 12 years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, one abandoned structure still stands — the once-vibrant Six Flags amusement park.

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The place that once brought happiness and laughter to thousands of children and families now looks grim and dilapidated, and a shell of what it once was.

When the park closed in August 2005 as the hurricane loomed, it was assumed the amusement park would re-open a few days later. But it remains shuttered.

Now, the fields are flooded and a swap has overtaken the park.

There are no trespassing signs everywhere, but Inside Edition was given special permission from the city of New Orleans to explore the 140-acre grounds.

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There wasn’t a human in sight, just wild boars, snakes and alligators roaming the property.

Six Flags has given up on the park and there are no plans to rebuild. The $32 million property has been declared a complete loss.

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