Shopper Gets Locked Inside CVS Store: 'I Started Screaming'

Christian Hathaway just wanted to pick a few things up Monday night when she found herself trapped.

A Florida woman looking to pick up a few things from her local drugstore Monday found herself a prisoner of her own consumerism.

That's because Christian Hathaway was literally trapped inside a CVS in St. Cloud after employees locked her in the store at closing time.

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Hathaway told WKMG that the music was still playing and the lights were still on, but when she prepared to check out, no one was at the register. 

"I start banging on the door; that's when the alarm starting going off and that's when it really hit me," Hathaway said. "I start screaming, 'Hello, hello, let me out! I'm in here.' Nobody answers."

At a loss for what to do next and with no one responding to her cries for help, Hathaway said she dialed 911.

However, even after cops arrived, the dispatcher broke it to her that there was nothing they could do.

So, for about 40 nerve-racking minutes, Hathaway waited for the store manager to arrive and unlock the doors.

Once that finally happened, the manager reportedly explained to Hathaway that store employees hadn't properly followed closing procedures.

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In the end, after the brief fright wore off, Hathaway said she got a free $100 gift card out of the experience.

"We are very sorry this incident occurred and we have attempted to reach Ms. Hathaway to apologize to her," a CVS Corporate Communications rep said. "We are following up with the store team to ensure that our store closing procedures are followed properly in order to prevent something like this from happening again."

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