Photographer Dad Turns Daughter, 3, Into Princess for 'Beauty and the Beast' Photo Shoot

Photographer Josh Rossi traveled to Europe to photograph real castles as backdrops, all to give his daughter a Valentine's gift she'll never forget.

A photographer father wanted to give his daughter the Valentine’s Day gift of a lifetime, so he traveled to Europe and back just to give her the princess treatment.

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3-year-old Nellee Rossi was pictured running down a majestic staircase, and strolling through a provincial village, as her dad Josh Rossi transformed into her prince as the Beast to her Belle.

"I wanted the message behind it to be me showing my love for her as a Valentine’s gift," Rossi told "Other [Disney princess stories] didn’t make sense to put myself in it, but the Beast was perfect. It’s true love, it’s representative of our relationship."

The Utah father, whose family now lives in Puerto Rico, said ever since Nellee watched the trailer for the new Beauty and the Beast film starring Emma Watson, "She got obsessed with it."

Rossi, who is a commercial photographer by trade, said he is used to "going all out" when it comes to photography projects. So, instead of using stock images, he decided to travel to Europe to photograph real castles and real villages to use as backdrops.

A few weeks ago, Rossi, who is originally from Italy, flew to Florence to stay with family. He then drove through Milan, Lake Como, through the Swiss Alps and into Munich looking for the perfect shot.

To shoot the outside of the castle, Rossi said he visited Germany for the Neuschwanstein Castle, and visited the nearby the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich for the ballroom.

“I was going on the freeway, and I saw this little town on the side of the road,” Rossi recalled. “I slammed on the brakes and took the exit. I was basically going through this random village, stepping out, taking pictures. People were looking at me like, 'What the heck was this guy doing?'"

When he returned from this trip about a week ago, he and his daughter took portraits of themselves reenacting scenes from the movie in costumes donated by costume maker Ella Dynae.

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And, just in time for Valentine’s Day, Rossi used Photoshop to bring the elements together, printed the finished pieces and presented to his little girl.

Nellee, who jumped for joy in a video Rossi took of the big reveal, was clearly elated with the final result.

"I’ve always loved [Beauty and the Beast] as a kid, and now I can actually create something cool that will live on forever,” he said, joking his newborn son will now be expecting the same special treatment. "I’m sort of nervous with him.

"I’m going all out with my daughter. I've got to do something with him too."

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