An Exclusive Look Inside The "Miracle On The Hudson" Plane

It’s been called the Miracle on the Hudson when a plane landed safely on New York’s Hudson River. INSIDE EDITION gets an exclusive look inside the plane today.

INSIDE EDITION has an exclusive look inside one of the most iconic airplanes in American history.

In 2009, U.S Airways flight 1549 made an unforgettable ditch landing in the New York Hudson River.

In the plane there is dirt and mud covering the floor and seats, even the lavatory. The windshield in the cockpit is cracked from a flock of geese that brought the plane down.

The hero captain that commanded the crippled plane was Chesley Sullenberger.

When the plane hit the water, the impact ripped a massive hole in the rear of the aircraft.

Shawn Dorsch, President of the Carolinas Aviation Museum, showed INSIDE EDITION how a section of flooring under row 23 tore open.

"Immediately water started coming into the airplane and the passengers felt water at their feet," Dorsch said.

The passengers escaped through the emergency exits, incredibly in just 90 seconds.

"Most of the seat cushions are gone. The passengers took the flotation devices," Dorsch explained.

There are beverage carts still stocked in the plane, along with snacks and unopened wine bottles.

Gripping reminders of one of a crash landing America will never forget.

"It represents the very best in human achievement and heroism," Dorsch said.

Flight 1549 will be transported in seven truckloads on a ten day journey that will arrive in Charlotte, North Carolina by June 11 to be part of a permanent museum exhibit at Carolinas Aviation Museum.