'Eight Is Enough' Star Susan Richardson Now Living in a Trailer and Sometimes Dumpster-Diving

Once a sitcom star, Susan Richardson now lives like a hermit.

Susan Richardson earned fame on the late 70s TV hit Eight Is Enough, but she now lives a much simpler life in a camper without a TV or internet.

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The 64-year-old’s career started when she was discovered by a then-unknown director named George Lucas, who gave her a part in the 1973 film American Graffiti.

it was on that set where she met Ron Howard, and a role for Richardson in Happy Days soon followed.

She told Inside Edition that her trailer doesn't contain a TV or computer.

Sometimes she goes dumpster diving on the nearby campgrounds for good finds for her home.

The last few years have not been easy for the former actress.

“My mom died in '14, my little sister in '15, and my dad in '16, all of the same anomaly,” she said.

That disorder is called Achalasia, a paralysis of the esophagus, which also affects Richardson. 

"[It's been a] really rough time, honey," she told Inside Edition. "I’ve had 3 strokes."

She is unable to eat and for most of the day gets nutrition through a feeding tube 16 hours a day.

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Richardson spends her time illustrating children's books, playing the piano, and loves to interact with her fans, who still send get well cards.

"Eight years ago, doctors said I wouldn’t be here and I am here," she said.

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