Candid Moments with Elizabeth Taylor

INSIDE EDITION looks at some candid moments in the life of Elizabeth Taylor including a memorable interview she did with her husband Richard Burton on 60 Minutes.

It was a great night for Elizabeth Taylor as she accepted a Humanitarian Award in 1992 for her work fighting AIDS. At the age of 60, she cut a dazzling figure in her yellow gown and wowed an audience filled with the crème de la crème of Hollywood.

Taylor took to the podium and said, "I will remain here as rowdy as I have to be, as activist as I have to be, and God willing, as long as I have to be! I call on you to prove that we are a human race."

Robert Osborne, host of Turner Classic Movies, said, "We admire Elizabeth Taylor because she was a survivor. The amazing thing about it is that she lived to be 79 years old. She'd been ill much of her life, she's been in out of hospitals constantly."

Osborne actually sat next to Elizabeth Taylor when he was a struggling writer, working as a seat filler at the 1970 Academy Awards®.

"Elizabeth Taylor was there with Richard Burton and early in the show he had left to go present an Academy Award®. So I went and sat down in his seat, and she said, 'No, no. This seat's taken.' And I said 'I'm just filling it until Mr. Burton gets back.' So she was fine with that. Then, pretty soon she kept waiting and he didn't come back. And she started really being upset. She said, 'That bastard! That bastard! He's backstage drinking, and he's not going to come back!' "

Taylor sat down with 60 Minutes that same year with Richard Burton at her side, and the couple couldn't conceal the stormy nature of their relationship.

Burton said, "When I insult Elizabeth, and I frequently do, I never go for her soft in the underbelly."

"My double chin?" said Taylor.

"Double chins," replied Burton.

"Oh yes you bloody well have," said Taylor.

Burton said, "We haven't quarrelled for at least 48 hours."

"Stick around," said Taylor.

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