Beloved Polar Bear Practices Plunges and Handstands in Freezing Pool

Seems like the winter weather's just right for Nora, the polar bear living at the Oregon Zoo, to take a dip.

Look out below!

Seems like the winter weather’s just right for Nora to take a dip.

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In a video taken by an Oregon Zoo volunteer last week, the polar bear could be seen practicing her dives, working on her handstands, and splashing through the pond in her enclosure.a  

She even has her pool toys to keep her busy.

Little Nora, who is now more than a year old, performed a similar routine in her pool last April, when she made her first appearance at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

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Nora was rejected by her mother shortly after birth and failed to thrive among her family. She was then transported to the Oregon Zoo in October.

But, Nora’s latest performance at the pool proves she’s fitting in swimmingly at her new home.

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