Inside the Auditions for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

INSIDE EDITION gets a behind-the-scenes look at auditions for the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad.

250 beautiful women have one goal—to gain a coveted spot as a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader.

Each and every woman is vying for the opportunity to fire up 70,000 screaming fans.

INSIDE EDITION took our cameras inside an audition workshop at Eagles stadium where the hopefuls learn the body basics before moving on to the official tryouts.

But do any of them really have a chance?

Veteran cheerleaders show the wannabes how to walk. Then they give it a try.

One veteran cheerleader said to the women, "I need to see a lot more confidence."

So how do the hopefuls feel?

Ariel Henriques, a nursing student and part time dance instructor, told INSIDE EDITION, "It's a little intimidating, but I'm trying to keep my confidence up."

250 women vie for one of only 38 spots, fulfilling the dream of being a part of this elite cheer squad.