Ex-Wife of 'Hot Car Dad' Believes He Was a Good Father, Did Not Intentionally Kill Son

Leanna Taylor, Justin Ross Harris' ex-wife, testified on her husband's behalf in his murder trial.

The mother of the Georgia boy who died after his dad left him in their car is speaking out for the first time.

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Justin Ross Harris' ex-wife Leanna Taylor told ABC’s 20/20 that people have also blamed her for Cooper’s death in June 2014.

In the interview, ABC’s Amy Robach said to Taylor: "There was a card left at Cooper's grave. Tell me about that card.”

“It basically said ‘I’m sorry that you weren't loved in this life, Cooper. If you had been my child I would have loved you,’" she recalled. "It's hard enough to lose your child. But then to have people think that you didn't love him or didn't want him, that something that should never be added to the equation of having to bury your baby."

In November, a jury convicted Justin Ross Harris of intentionally leaving the 22-month-old son in the rear seat of his SUV so that he could free himself from his family life. 

“Nothing about it felt real. Nothing about it felt like it was happening. It just felt like a bad dream," Taylor said.

The trial revealed that Harris was addicted to porn, sexted with underage girls and frequented prostitutes yet his wife still testified on his behalf.

“This was never about me defending Ross," she said. "I couldn't get up there and say he was a bad father because it wasn't true. I couldn't get up there and say he seemed bothered by having a child because it wasn't true."

Robach told Inside Edition that Taylor "believes it is two different things. Was he a bad husband? Yes. Was he a bad father? No." 

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Among the evidence was a YouTube video screened on his computer five days before the child's death. It was made by a veterinarian about what happens to a pet left inside a hot car.

Taylor, who has since divorced Harris, says there's an innocent explanation: “We have a dog. Many, many other people viewed that same video.”

Robach told Inside Edition: “She does not believe he did it on purpose. She 100 percent believes it was a horrible accident.”

Harris has appealed his conviction.

Taylor’s interview airs Friday on 20/20.

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