Driver Caught Riding With Lifelike Dummy in HOV Lane

He was ticketed for riding with his "friend."

One Washington state police officer knows how to spot a dummy – literally.

On Friday, a Tacoma trooper caught a driver riding with a woman dummy buckled in his passenger seat while driving in the HOV lane, according to police. 

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“Tacoma Trooper catches a HOV violator driving 81mph in the HOV lane with this young lady as the violator’s passenger,” Trooper Todd Bartolac wrote on his Twitter.

Bartolac reportedly said the doll, which was clad in a scarf and sweater, was one of the most life-like he’d seen.

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Although the man was ticketed for his speed and the HOV violation, police made light of the situation.

“On the positive side they were both wearing their seat belts! #buckelup,” Bartolac tweeted.

The state's current fine for illegally driving in an HOV lane is $136.

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