Elizabeth Taylor's Perfume Fortune

Elizabeth Taylor amassed a fortune during her life, but it didn't come from her acting career. INSIDE EDITION has the story of Elizabeth Taylor's perfume fortune.

She was the first woman to make a million dollars a movie, but acting is not how Elizabeth Taylor amassed her enormous fortune.

Perfume was not only her passion, it was also her biggest paycheck!

Taylor, a shrewd businesswoman, launched 12 best-selling fragrances over the years, for both women and men.

Passion debuted in 1987 and White Diamonds in 1991.

White Diamonds alone has earned $1 billion in worldwide sales.

Taylor was said to be involved at every stage of the creation of her perfumes, from the fragrance itself down to the design of the bottles.

"Elizabeth Taylor was not just an amazing actress, she was really a brilliant businesswoman," says Bloomberg TV reporter Cali Carlin. "She definitely would rank among the top most successful most wealthy women in show business based on the fact that she built a fortune not just on her acting career and the salaries that she made from leading roles, but on the money she made in licensing deals."

The screen legend famously loved jewels, and the crown jewel of her collection was the massive rock that a besotted Richard Burton bought her in 1969.

Burton paid more than $1 million for the diamond, which was an astounding 69 carats.

Taylor later wore it as a pendant at the 1970 Academy Awards®.

Her sprawling mansion in Palm Springs was another indication of her wealth.

From the beautiful pool to the nine opulent bathrooms, it's a home befitting a star. Her closet is bigger than some apartments!

Taylor's estate has been valued at at least $600 million.