Watch Brazen Robber Hold Up a McDonald's Drive-Thru Window

Cops in Ocala, Florida are now on the lookout for the crook.

A Florida McDonald's drive-thru window became the scene of a Hamburglary recently when a thief held up the place.

It happened in Ocala, where surveillance footage shows what appears to be a male dressed in all black sneaking up to and then waiting behind an SUV in the drive-thru line.

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When the car pulls away from the window, the man forces the window back open and leans half his body inside the restaurant.

The video appears to show him then brandish a gun at the cashier's face while reportedly demanding the woman "give me the money."

The terrified cashier first said she didn't know how to get the money drawer open before attempting to do so, according to reports. She then ran away to safety.

Undaunted, the crook simply rips away the entire cash drawer and flees.

According to WKMG, police said the man could be seen hopping into a gray car moments later.

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Police are now in search of the suspect.

Anyone with information on the case is urged to call Ocala police.

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