Man Tumbles Down 40-Foot Chimney While Making Parkour Video

Dustin Hinkle, 26, was booked at the Denver jail after firefighters extracted him from the chimney.

A Colorado man was trapped down a chimney Friday after cops say he fell in while practicing parkour on a roof.

Dustin Hinkle, 26, was participating in the sport—which involves leaping across obstacles in mostly urban areas—while on top of a Denver roof when a false move nearly ended in tragedy.

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Firefighters arrived to find Hinkle nearly 40 feet down a chimney, according to KMGH. Rescuers were forced to enter a vacant apartment, where they ripped a hole through a brick wall to pull Hinkle out.

Hinkle told reporters he was on the roof skateboarding and recording a parkour video with a friend and his pregnant fiancée when he took a tumble down the two-by-three-foot hole.

Following the two-hour rescue—and after Hinkle was treated at a hospital for his minor injuries—the trio was arrested on trespassing charges.

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However, Hinkle insists the group gained access to the roof through a friend who lives in the building. Hinkle said he had no intentions of trying to gain entrance through the chimney.

"This was an accident, I didn't mean to do it, I almost died," Hinkle said in a jailhouse interview.

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