Madonna Cancels Plan To Build $15 Million School In Malawi

Scandal has rocked Madonna's efforts to open an all-girls school in the impoverished country of Malawi. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Madonna's plans for a $15 million school in the African nation of Malawi crumbled today, March 25, in a storm of scandal.

The singer went to Malawi in 2009 for an elaborate ribbon cutting ceremony.

But the all-girls school was never built and now Philippe Van Den Bossche the man that Madonna hired to run the project is under fire for reportedly squandering millions of dollars.

He's the boyfriend of Madonna's former personal trainer Tracy Anderson.

According to The New York Times, Bossche spent $3.8 million of school funds on expenses including cars, huge salaries and a golf course membership.

A representative for Madonna's Malawi charity says, "Philippe's level of mismanagement was extreme."

Ken Berger, the President of the watchdog group Charity Navigator says he doesn't doubt Madonna's good intentions, she simply hired the wrong people.

"To run an organization like this is complicated. There is a lot involved and you can't just delegate it to somebody else especially if they are friends and aquaintences," Berger told INSIDE EDITION.

The failure of her school project will be a harsh blow for Madonna because Malawi is the birthplace of her two adopted children, David and Mercy.

Today Madonna announced she has decided to "discontinue plans" to build the school, saying she's "frustrated that our education work has not moved forward in a faster way."