Cashier Pays for Woman's Groceries in Heartwarming Gesture: 'God Told Me to Do It'

The two have remained friends.

Ashley Jordan believes a higher power was looking out for her when a Walmart cashier paid for a portion of her groceries out of the kindness of her heart.  

Jordan, who has three children, was getting ready to pay at a South Carolina Walmart checkout line Friday when cashier Sharnique Dasant did the unexpected.

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"I was there with my husband and our 1-year-old daughter and we were getting our groceries," Jordan told "As the cashier was scanning our items she was like, ‘Y'all must have a big family, y’all have a lot of stuff.' She told me the total and I was getting my money out of my purse and I tried handing it to her and she said no. She said, 'Let me bless ya’ll tonight.'"

Dasant then walked around the counter and swiped her own card to take $100 off Jordan’s $250 grocery total.

"I didn’t really know what to say. I was just still in shock and I was like can I take a picture with you and I asked her what her name was and I posted it to Facebook just to say thank you to her. Just to let her friends and family know how genuine of a person she truly is," Jordan said.

The post quickly went viral.

Dasant says she was prompted to act by the voice of God, and swiped $100 of her own money for a family she'd never met.

"She got in front of me and it's like I saw a different face on her... and I just had like a little man on my shoulder that was like 'give her $100 dollars, give her $100 dollars. God told me to do it,” Dasant told

Jordan said that although she had the money to pay for the groceries, Dasant’s kind gesture took some pressure off her shoulders and increased her faith in God.

Jordan said that her husband, Michael, works nonstop to make ends meet for their family.

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"We can take care of our kids, but lately it's just been hard," Jordan said, "and for her to do that... I just have a lot of faith now. I know that God sent her for me and my family. We pray at night and he answered through her, through Sharnique."

She added: “I plan to pay it forward in the future any way I possibly can to help somebody because the feeling I felt when she did that was just overwhelming,” Jordan said.

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