Selfie-Destruction: Group of Teens Fall Through Thin Ice While Trying to Snap a Photo

The horrifying moment was caught on tape at New York City's Central Park.

Seven teenagers found themselves in a harrowing experience after falling through a frozen pond in New York’s Central Park.

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The friends stood on the frozen pond to take a selfie when the ice suddenly broke under their feet, leaving them to fall into the frigid water below.

Bennett Jonas, 23, and Ethan Turnbull, 24, were skateboarding near the scene and saw the teens on the frozen water before it cracked. Once they heard their screams, they sprang into action.

Dozens of police and fire engines rushed to the scene and spent hours searching the pond for any additional teens that may have been submerged.

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The FDNY was active on its Twitter account Monday night during the search and rescue.

#FDNY has divers in water in Central Park, near 6 Ave/Central Park S. 6 patients removed at this time. Divers continue to search the water

— FDNY (@FDNY) February 20, 2017

#FDNY divers continue to search water in Central Park

— FDNY (@FDNY) February 20, 2017

NYers, there is no such thing as safe ice. Learn to be #FDNYSmart at

— FDNY (@FDNY) February 21, 2017

A spokesperson for the NYPD said all of the victims are expected to be fine.

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