Tiger Woods Comes Out Of Hiding

Tiger Woods will make a public statement for the first time since the scandal surrounding him broke. Woods is already under fire for meticulously controlling the appearance. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Tiger Woods is out of his cage, and now all eyes are on Elin. Will she be standing by her husband's side when he finally breaks his silence on February 19th?

"She's an ace in the hole. If she's not there, he's simply back at the drawing board," says Bobby Grossman of Media One Management.

Elin ignored questions when photographers caught up with her outside her daughter Sam's pre-school. Elin may have been showing support for her husband, wearing a white head scarf by Nike, one of the few sponsors sticking by Tiger.

Woods is already coming under heavy fire as an "arrogant" "control freak" for his meticulously orchestrated appearance.

The eyes of the world will be on superstar at the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse, the PGA's headquarters in Florida.

Here's a rundown of the appearance.

- Tiger will speak for five to seven minutes.

- He won't take any questions.

- Only a small group of his closest friends and colleagues will be allowed in the room.

- He's handpicking golf writers and the three print reporters who will be allowed to attend.

- There will only be one television camera.

PR and Brand Specialist Marvet Britto tells INSIDE EDITION, "Everything in Tiger Woods's career has been masterfully crafted, so why would we expect his re-emergence to be any different? So I think what we will see is Tiger will show up, be brief, be very humble and contrite. Be very serious as well and very pointed."

Famed attorney Gloria Allred, who represents Woods mistress Joslyn James, is demanding that he offer a personal apology to her client.

"She gave up the adult film business at his request and insistence, because he was jealous of other men being with her. He told her she was the only woman, other than his wife, and because he lied to her, he needs to apologize," said Allred.

Meanwhile, journalists from around the world are beginning to gather outside the clubhouse.

Fellow golfer Ernie Els is blasting Tiger as "selfish" for holding his press conference during the Accenture golf tournament in Arizona, the biggest golf event of the year so far. Some say it's "a clear slap" at Accenture, a consulting company, which was the first sponsor to drop Woods.

And everyone is still talking about that first photo of Woods. It shows the star jogging wearing a tight black Nike shirt and grey shorts with a friend. A close look at his hand shows he's not wearing a wedding ring. And it looks as if Woods put on some weight since he was last seen, earning some unflattering new nicknames like "pudgy" and "tubby Tiger."

Some are now speculating that the photo op was set up. The pictures were snapped while Woods was jogging inside his gated community, and it was taken by a photo agency Tiger had previously used to release his family photos.

Tiger is clearly ready to re-emerge into public life. Before his photographed run, he was reportedly hitting golf balls at a driving range near his compound.

The New York Post and New York Daily News had fun with the photo, publishing warnings now that Woods is on the loose, to "Lock Up The Waitresses" and "Lock Up Your Bimbos."