4 Generations of Actresses Who Played 'Annie' Unite for Iconic Musical's 40th Anniversary

Nineteen women who've played Annie gathered under one roof for the first time.

The musical Annie has been delighting audiences on stage and in the movies for 40 years, and for the first time, a special group of women who brought the iconic character to life have come together under one roof.

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Dozens of young girls have played the plucky orphan, and the four generations of Annie, including Sarah Jessica Parker, have come together to discuss how the musical changed their careers.

The Annies share a very special bond, each describing how playing the tough, unflappable scamp clearly made an indelible mark on them.

Andrea McArdle, the original Annie on Broadway in 1977, told Inside Edition: “You are so impressionable and to get to work on a level that high in those formidable years, just the person, it is life altering."

The 1977 production was a smash hit, winning seven TONY Awards and running for six years

Sarah Jessica Parker starred as the lead in 1979. She was the third Annie of the historic run.

“I went to see the show as an audience member, we got standing room, and stood back of the theater and watched Andrea. I assumed I would never be in Annie, that I would certainly never play Annie or be apart of this part of magical phenomenon that washed over Broadway,” the Sex and the City star said.

But she did, and dozens of others followed.

Patricia Patts played Annie in Los Angeles, one of the countless touring productions. Madison Kerth closed the 30th anniversary tour of the show and Alicia Morton portrayed Annie in the 1999 Disney film.

Taylor Richardson was the last Annie on Broadway when the show closed in 2014.

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Here are the four generations of Annie who gathered in one room for the first time: 

Sarah Jessica Parker played Annie on Broadway in 1979.
Andrea McArdle, the original Annie on Broadway in 1977.
Shelley Bruce succeeded McArdle in the role.
Allison Smith was the fourth actress to play Annie on Broadway.
Alyson Kirk was the fifth Annie on Broadway.
Theda Stemler Blackwood played Annie in the first national tour.
Kristen Vigard was the very first Annie in the original 1976 production at Godspeed Opera House.
Mary K. Lombardi also played Annie during the first national tour.
Beki Gollihur played Annie in the third national tour.
Patricia Ann Patts played Annie in the second national tour in 1978.
Kristi Coombs appeared in the first and second national tours.
Rosanne Sorrentino played Annie in the third national tour and Pepper the orphan in the 1982 movie.
Mollie Hall Boulware played Annie in the fourth national tour.
Alicia Morton played Annie in the 1999 Disney remake.
Marissa O’Donnell played Annie in the 30th anniversary tour.
Madison Kerth toured as Annie for two years.
Lilla Crawford starred as Annie on Broadway in the 2012 revival.
Taylor Richardson starred as Annie on Broadway in 2013.
Amanda Balon played Annie during the 30th anniversary tour.

The five original Broadway Annies are holding a reunion event in April. For tickets and more information, visit SmartTix here.

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