Harrison Ford Returns to the Sky, Pictured in Helicopter Cockpit a Week After Plane Mishap

The FAA is still investigating his earlier incident, which could result in the loss of his pilot's licence.

A little more than a week after Harrison Ford came close to disaster when he landed his single-engine plane just above a passenger jet on an airport taxiway, he has returned to the air.

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The 74-year-old Star Wars icon was photographed boarding a helicopter with a companion Wednesday afternoon.

According to reports, Ford and a co-pilot were behind the controls of the chopper as it hovered over an airbase in Los Angeles.

Ford's latest trip came just days after video was released showing the Indiana Jones star flying way too close to a passenger airliner at California's John Wayne International Airport on February 13. He was supposed to land on a particular runway but instead touched down on a strip used for taxiing.

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The FAA is investigating Ford’s incident. The probe could result in the loss of his pilot’s license, according to reports.

"The pilot correctly read back the clearance," the FAA said Wednesday in a statement to InsideEdition.com. "The pilot then landed on a taxiway that runs parallel to the runway, overflying a Boeing 737 that was holding short of the runway."

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