Janet Jackson's Ex-Mother-in-Law Claims She Has Found Singer's Secret Daughter Born 31 Years Ago

Etterlene DeBarge, the mother of Janet Jackson's first husband James DeBarge, says a DNA test has proven the relationship.

As 50-year-old Janet Jackson embraces the joys of motherhood, rumors about her past won't let up, including the gossip that her new baby is not her first.

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In 1984, Jackson, then just 18 years old, eloped with musician James DeBarge. The marriage lasted one year before it was eventually annulled.

Questions still loom if Tiffany could be Janet Jackson’s daughter or if the singer had a child in the late 80s, and her former mother-in-law, Etterlene DeBarge, is on a quest for the truth.

"I know there's a daughter out there somewhere," DeBarge said when asked by Inside Edition whether Jackson gave birth to a secret child 31 years ago.

DeBarge was there as her son's marriage to Jackson collapsed. Suddenly, the "Rhythm Nation" singer disappeared from public view, leading to rumors of Jackson going into seclusion to give birth.

After the baby was born, she was supposedly placed in foster care. Other reports claimed that Janet’s sister, Rebbie, raised the child.

Over the years, Etterlene says she has been contacted by several women claiming to be the "Got ‘Till It’s Gone" singer’s secret daughter.

One day, she says, a woman in Philadelphia reached out to her.

At first Etterlene was skeptical and recalled to Inside Edition: “I told her, the proof is in the pudding let's go get a DNA test.”

Inside Edition was given the DNA test , which found that the probability of relatedness is 96.7 percent.

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The 81-year-old met the woman, 31-year-old Tiffany, last year at an airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Etterlene says they felt an instant connection.

Mrs. DeBarge told Inside Edition that she believes Tiffany is her granddaughter and the child of Janet Jackson and her son.

Calls made by Inside Edition to Janet Jackson were not returned. 

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