A La Carte Blanche: Check Out the Cafe Dedicated to 'The Golden Girls'

The Rue La Rue Cafe just opened in NYC, and it's dedicated to the hit series, specifically one of its stars, Rue McClanahan.

Twenty five years since The Golden Girls went off the air fans still keep the show alive as it plays in reruns and in a new cafe in tribute to the beloved television series.

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The Rue La Rue Cafe has opened in Manhattan and it is entirely dedicated to The Golden Girls, specifically actress Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche Devereaux in the series.

"She would absolutely love it," Cafe owner Michael La Rue told Inside Edition. "She would love that her personal collection of things that she loved and took care of were on display and not collecting dust in boxes." 

La Rue was a close friend of McClanahan prior to her death in 2010.

The Emmy she won for playing the character is on display as are scripts from the iconic show.

The cafe also airs episodes of the show around the clock as a total tribute.

Even the menu is inspired by characters on the show like "The Betty White Coconut Cake," "Estelle Getty’s Basil-Mayo BLT," "Rusty Anchor Clam Chowder," and "Stan the Putz Turkey Club."

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The most popular dessert is their cheesecake, which, as fans of the show will know, was a favorite of The Golden Girls.

La Rue says McClanahan would be thrilled so many people have such fond memories of her and her hit show.

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