Couple Who Got Free Wedding as Groom Battles Cancer Say They Were Burglarized a Week Later

"I finally got [Kevin] outside yesterday, and then he went into the garage and found that," Ashley Sohancheck told

It wasn't quite a happily ever after for this New Jersey couple battling cancer, when a local thief decided to ruin it all.

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Newlyweds Ashley and Kevin Sohancheck from Pennsauken Township, who were gifted the wedding of their dreams after Kevin was placed on hospice care, are speaking out after they said thieves broke into their garage, and made off with an ATV and a motorcycle.

“I finally got [Kevin] outside yesterday, and then he went into the garage and found that,” Ashley told

In a Facebook post, Ashley wrote they are heartbroken, not because they lost $7,000 worth of possessions, but because they now feel unsafe in their homes.

“[It] only made him more depressed than he already was,” she wrote. “No one sees the [hardships] we actually face with having cancer because we try to always put a brave face on […] now we don't even feel safe in our own home and have no other option but to pack our bags and move away from this town.”

Kevin, 27, was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach and esophageal cancer several years ago, and was placed in hospice care just nine days before they tied the knot.

“It was just full of shock to find out that he had cancer [after] everything we had already been through,” Ashley said.

In fact, Ashley had been in a battle against cancer as well.

When she was 18, three years after she met Kevin, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and went into remission last year.

Despite fighting for their health through treatments and different hospital visits, Kevin proposed on February 11, 2015, which happened to be their nine-year anniversary.

They continued to put off their wedding until a week ago, when they won a contest for a free wedding, courtesy of Adelphia Restaurant, after their friends and family members nominated them to win.

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“It was everything I dreamt it would be and more,” Ashley said. “It was like a fairytale ending to everything that we’ve been through.”

Now, although Kevin’s diagnosis looks grim, Ashley said: "We’re just going to be there for one another. Enjoy every moment. Even if we get to bad times, it’s going to be okay in the end."

The Pennsauken Police Department did not respond to's request for comment.

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