Casket Falls Open During Funeral Ceremony

A family is faced with a nightmare at their father’s funeral when the casket suddenly fell off its stand and into the grave. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.

A final farewell to a loved one at a Florida cemetery, a beloved grandfather of twenty named Eugene Washington, was ruined by a terrible accident.

The pallbearers set Washington's casket down onto the stand when suddenly the casket crashed down into the open grave. The mourners cried out in despair.

Kimberly Washingon, Eugene's daughter, was videotaping the ceremony in hopes of preserving a precious final memory of her dad. She never dreamed she'd be recording a nightmare. The casket actually opened when it fell in.

"It's hard to look at, hard to keep reliving," Kimberly said.

Relatives leaned over the grave in an attempt to close the casket and pull it back above ground. One mourner tried to calm a traumatized child about what had just happened to her grandfather, saying, "He's not there honey, he's in heaven."

"No family should ever have to go through this," Kimberly said.

Apparently the cause of the accident was a malfunction with the lowering device.