Ultimate Teamwork: 16 Firefighters Rescue Stranded Dog on Cliff

It took an hour to save the dog.

A group of 16 firefighters came to the rescue of a dog stranded off the side of a bluff at San Francisco's Fort Funston Wednesday.

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The San Francisco Fire Department was called by the dog’s handler after the canine, which reportedly was not on a leash, wandered away from his companion and was seen rolling and tumbling down the cliff.

When the firefighters arrived, they were worried that the stranded dog could fall another 60 feet.

Fire department spokesman Jonathan Baxter said one firefighter was lowered and used a special canine harness to secure the dog and bring it up to safety off the side of the cliff.

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Other firefighters pulled on various ropes to help bring the fireman and dog to safety.

In total, the rescue took about an hour, and Baxter says the animal remained calm and throughout the ordeal.

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