'24: Legacy' Producers Apologize for Showing Footage From 2013 Kenya Mall Terror Attack

The clip was used while referencing a fictional terror attack in Egypt.

The TV show 24: Legacy may strive to be realistic, but some viewers say the thriller crossed the line in its most recent episode for featuring real terror attack footage.

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In Monday’s episode, horrific footage from the September 2013 terror attack on a mall in Kenya, which left 67 people dead and 200 injured, was used to illustrate a fake terror attack in Egypt.

"We regretfully included news footage of an attack in Nairobi," producers of the 24 spinoff said in a statement. "It will be removed from all future broadcasts and versions of the show.

"We apologize for any pain caused to the victims and their families and are deeply sorry."

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The series, which debuted earlier this month on Fox following the Super Bowl, quickly came under fire in the Twitterverse Monday night as viewers took created the social media hashtag #SomeoneTellFox after the footage aired.

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