Care Bear: Affectionate Panda Cub Clings to Worker's Leg

The worker was attempting to set up bamboo stalks for little Yazhu's lunch, when the cub came over and clutched onto his leg.

Sometimes letting go can be so difficult. Just ask this panda.

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A worker at a Chinese panda breeding facility was caught on camera having a tough time getting through his duties, all because little Yazhu, a clingy panda, can’t stop holding onto his leg.

According to APTN, the worker was attempting to set up a lunch of bamboo stalks for Yazhu at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China’s Sichuan province when the little panda cub grabbed his leg, and wouldn’t let go.

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Despite continuing to loosen her grip, the worker can’t seem to shake little Yazhu off his leg.

Finally, after setting up the final bundle of bamboo, he picks little Yazhu up by the neck, and carries her to play.

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