Man Kills Estranged Wife and Her Girlfriend During Shootout Before Killing Himself: Police

He wore a bulletproof vest during the shootout.

Florida police said a man killed his estranged wife and his wife’s girlfriend before he turned the gun on himself on Friday.

Vincenti Fuillerat, 53, reportedly killed Lisa Fuillerat and her girlfriend, Samara Routenberg, in a shootout on Friday morning.

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Police were called Routenberg’s home after the Fuillerat’s divorce lawyer told police that the ex-couple did not show up for a scheduled hearing on Friday morning.

Routenberg, an assistant principal at Lake Gibson Middle and, Fuillerat, a math teacher at the same school, were found shot to death in the home by police.

Police said a domestic violence injunction had been previously obtained against Vincenti, but it was not made permanent and was not current.

On Friday morning, police say that both women both had guns, which they bought because they were scared of Vicente. They shot back at Vicente when he shot at them with a shotgun, but they were unable to stop him, according to reports.

After Vicente reportedly killed the women, police said he turned the gun on himself.

Detectives said Vicente planned the killings.

“He was wearing a bulletproof vest, he had multiple rounds in the vest as well as a stun gun and we did find a note on him,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Colonel Donna Luscynski. “This was a pre-planned event. He came here with the intent to murder both of these victims.”

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On Saturday, attorney Melissa A. Wilson, who represented Lisa Fuillerat and Samara Routenberg, issued a statement to FOX 13 News.

"It is a terrible tragedy that has occurred. Both Lisa, and Samara, who I represented in the injunction case against Mr. Fuillerat, were intelligent and gracious women. They were both afraid something like this might transpire. The incredible strength and bravery displayed by them, in what has been reported as their final moments, speaks volumes about them,” the statement read.

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