5-Year-Old 'Police Officer' Now Has a Trusty K9 Sidekick to Help Him Patrol the Streets

"He thinks he's training her to be a real police officer, teaching her to sit and lay down," 5-year-old Oliver Davis' mom joked.

Meet Ruby, the newest K9 partner to the youngest cop in town.

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5-year-old Oliver Davis from Overland Park, Kan., is known around his neighborhood for keeping the community safe in his mini-police uniform and kid-sized motorcycle — but now, he patrols the streets alongside his trusty K9 sidekick, Ruby, a 4-month-old soft-coated wheaten terrier.

"[Oliver] learned that some police have K9s, and he’s like, 'I have to have a partner,'" his mom Brandi Davis told InsideEdition.com.

Davis explained they bought the puppy from a family three weeks ago, after their 14-year-old dog died recently.

The family has been taking Ruby to behavioral classes since they brought him home, but Oliver has been taking the lead on training, and making sure Ruby grows up to become an ideal K9 partner.

“He tries to work on basic commands,” Davis explained. “He thinks he’s training her to be a real police officer, teaching her to sit and lay down.”

Since Ruby joined the family, Davis said the pair could often be seen policing the local park or posing for photo. Ruby even sits quietly behind Oliver as he checks the speeds of cars using his radar gun, even though her main duty is to finish his ice cream cone.

“He’s outside in the motorcycle most days, and Ruby’s with us,” Davis said.

The family’s local police station even delivered some blankets and goodies for the newest addition to Oliver’s team.

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Although most of Oliver’s police duties include going down to the senior’s homes and surprising residents with flowers and hugs, Davis said Ruby is a little too jumpy to join him on his runs.

But they look forward to bringing the pup by when she gets a little older.

"He thinks she's a real police officer," Davis said.

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