'I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife': Denzel Washington 'Marries' 2 Tourists Who Stumbled Into Oscars

The couple became an overnight sensation.

Denzel Washington left a pair of superfans grinning ear-to-ear when he "married" them at the Academy Awards Sunday night.

At one point during the ceremony, host Jimmy Kimmel brought in a group of unsuspecting tourists into the Dolby Theater.

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Among them were a man named Gary from Chicago, and his fiancée, Vicki. Gary was recording it all as he approached the star power before him. He kissed the hands of Nicole Kidman and Octavia Spencer. Keith Urban whipped out his phone and started recording the unexpected moment.

Kimmel asked Vicki, “Who is your favorite actor?” Vicki replied, “That guy,” pointing to Washington.

The actor had fun with the couple, standing between them and saying, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!” He also took a selfie with the couple.

The couple has become an overnight sensation. Some wondered if the whole thing might be a hoax, but Kimmel insisted it was real.

Kimmel brought Gary over to Ryan Gosling, saying, “Meet Ryan Gosling, but don’t look into his eyes.”

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Gosling gave him candy that had been dropped from the ceiling earlier.

Kimmel urged Jennifer Aniston to give Vicki a welcome gift, and the Friends star handed over her $500 dollar sunglasses.

Gary's hometown basketball team also believed the bit, even inviting him to a game: “We've got you covered if you want to come to a game,” the Bulls tweeted.

Gary, Vicki and the rest of the Oscars tourists are expected to be guests on Kimmel's show Monday night.

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