Woman's Arrest Turns Into Proposal in Elaborate Prank by Husband-to-Be

"Our whole family is in law enforcement. I wouldn't expect anything less," said bride-to-be Brooklyn Schrupp, despite being nervous in the process.

It was a shocking twist for this Tennessee woman, whose "arrest" turned out to be an engagement in disguise.

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Brooklyn Schrupp, 20, was surprised with a proposal from her boyfriend of four years, Greg Morris, 20, but not before he played a little prank on his bride-to-be.

Schrupp and Morris were driving when they were suddenly pulled over by a deputy from the Gibson County Sheriff’s Department.

They both pulled out their drivers’ licenses, and the deputy let Morris off with a warning.

Schrupp, however, was questioned about a ticket she received last summer.

"He told me I didn’t pay the court costs for the ticket," she told InsideEdition.com. "And I said I didn’t know there were court costs."

She was then asked to step out of the car, and get in the back of his cruiser as he tried to figure it out. In the meantime, the deputy insisted she had to be handcuffed.

"I was so nervous," she said. "I asked him, 'Can I please call my dad?'"

The deputy eventually returned and apologized for the mix-up, releasing her from the handcuffs.

Shaken, Schrupp said she dashed up the hill. Morris chased after her.

“I was freaking out and crying, and he gave me a big hug,” Schrupp said.

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The deputy then came up to them, asking if she had dropped her promise ring. As she was trying to process what he was saying, Morris dropped down to one knee, and presented her with an engagement ring.

SamSlay Photography, run by a close friend of the couple, was there to capture the whole scene.

"It’s the perfect love story for us," Schrupp said. "Our whole family is in law enforcement. I wouldn’t expect anything less."

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