5-Year-Old Dresses Up as Historical Black Women for Black History Month Photo Series

Her mom picked a woman for each of the 28 days.

In honor of Black History Month, one 5-year-old channeled 28 historic black women in an epic photo series.

Cristi Smith-Jones, of Washington state, wanted to teach her daughter about strong black leaders who have influenced the nation after 5-year-old Lola Jones told her mom that she learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in her kindergarten class.

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“My daughter loves to play dress up and has an active imagination. We thought it would be fun for her to dress up as the women to learn more about them," Jones told InsideEdition.com. “Some of them were people I’ve looked up to for years. I tried to craft a group of diverse backgrounds and fields.”

Lola donned costumes of icons like Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Ruby Bridges, Nina Simone, Angela Davis, and even Misty Copeland.

Jones said she picked one woman for each day in February.

"We found most of the costumes from her own wardrobe, borrowed family things, bought a couple wigs and few hats from Amazon, used my husband's old glasses," Jones said. "I spent less than $40 on the whole project."

For Lola, dressing up was the fun part and she had no trouble becoming the women she was dressing up as.

“She really enjoys getting into character and making their faces," Jones said. "I swear she is channeling them. With Harriet Tubman she stuck out her lip a little bit. I was shocked."

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And in the process of it all, Jones is happy her daughter is learning. Each day they would watch documentaries or read about the woman Lola was imitating.

"As far of their story, her favorite is Rosa Parks because she says ‘Rosa was brave,'" Jones said. "The fact that we are reaching people that may have not known about these women is inspiring. To honor their legacies is huge."

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