Military Dad Returns From Deployment and Appears After Trick at Son's Birthday Magic Show

They'd been planning the act for months.


One magician performed the trick of a lifetime for a 10-year-old birthday boy whose dad had been deployed in Kuwait for nearly a year.

Drake Krainbrink was at his birthday party at Impossibles Magic Shop and Theatre in Nevada Saturday when it was time for the big finale.

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Magician Justin Impossible disappeared behind the curtain in the room full of onlookers, and when the curtain fell again, in a matter of seconds, Drake’s dad Benjamin Krainbrink, a first sergeant in the Nevada Army Guard Reserve, was standing in his place.

"At first, he looked at me like he didn’t believe I was there," Krainbrink told "Then I waved at him to get me come on stage and then he jumped up and tackled gave me a big hug and a smile."

The emotional reunion between Krainbrink and his two sons, Drake and Zachary, 11, had been planned for months before.

“Back in December when we started to get a better idea of when I’d be home, we thought about going back to the magic show, which is what he did for his birthday last year. My wife came up with the idea and Justin did most of the planning,” Krainbrink said.

The trick, reminiscent of Houdini’s metamorphosis, called for Krainbrink to hide in a trunk on stage before Justin switched places with him inside the case.

“It was great. For several reasons — one being that the work that we put into it paid off — just being able to see my son again after so long was really a great feeling,” Krainbrink said.

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Justin said he receives many requests from families but not many as emotional as this one.

It was neat being part of it," he said. "When someone goes away and leaves their family for a year, you never know it’s going to happen.

"When your kids think you're gone and then all of sudden you are there, that’s amazing.”

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