Tony Curtis's Widow Speaks Exclusively To INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION talks to the widow of screen legend Tony Curtis who speaks for the first time about getting the bulk of his estate while his children were completely cut out of his will.

The widow of screen legend Tony Curtis is speaking for the first time since his death last fall at age 85.

In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive interview, Jill Curtis reveals Tony left her the bulk of his estimated $60 million estate.
 "Tony was very specific in his wishes. I'm a younger woman and we were together 16 years so he wanted to make sure I had a good life as well," said Jill.

Her relationship with Tony raised eyebrows because she was 40 years younger than him. She was even younger than Tony's eldest daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis.
"She's been very kind to me, very supportive, and I appreciate that. I know that she's grieving very badly for the loss of her father," said Jill.

But she says a family feud is brewing after Tony disinherited his five children, including Jamie Lee.

"I acknowledge the existence of my children, and have intentionally and with full knowledge chosen not to provide for them," Tony wrote in his last will and testament.

Even though he cut his kids out, according to Jill, he did leave a large amount of money for his seven grandchildren's education.

"I think he thought that the most important thing he could do to help his children is to leave a substantial amount of money for education of their children," said Curtis.

Curtis plans on leaving the country club home that she and Tony once shared. She says the home holds too many painful memories.
"He was larger than life, and it's very lonely when he's not here. For everybody," wept Jill.