Police Officer Saves Baby Who Stopped Breathing for 4 Minutes: 'They Thought He'd Died'

He got there just in time.

A Georgia police officer saved a 1-month-old baby’s life in the nick of time.

Officer Joseph Dwyer of the Douglasville Police received a call during his morning shift that a child had stopped breathing.

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“I got there in a minute," Dwyer told InsideEdition.com. "I went upstairs and talked to the mother and father. The dad was holding the baby and asking for help."

Dwyer said when he checked the infant, he had no pulse. He hadn't been breathing for four minutes.

“The baby’s mother thought he had died. She kept saying ‘he’s gone,’” Dwyer said.

But thanks to the quick actions of Dwyer and his partner that wasn't the case.

“I took the baby, placed him on a bed and performed CPR as I had been trained. Another officer arrived and helped tilt his head. After a minute, he started breathing and coughing up formula,” Dwyer said. “We were both amazed. You could see his heart beating through his onesie, so fast."

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The baby was then transferred to the hospital and Dwyer, who has gone to visit him since the incident, said he is doing well.

“My actions wouldn’t have worked if the child wasn’t fighting for his own life. He is just as much as a hero as I am,” Dwyer said.

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