Uncles and Brothers Step In During 'Dad-Daughter Dance' for Bride Who Lost Her Father

It was a complete surprise for the bride.

It was an emotional moment for a bride in Washington state as several family members stepped in for her father, who died of cancer several years before the wedding.

Renee Wagner, 35, had been planning her February wedding to John Addy for quite some time and wanted it to be traditional, but she had to do it without her father, Glenn Wagner, who lost his cancer battle in 2013.

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"She got engaged a year after he died and the only thing we were unable to do was the father-daughter dance," Claudia Wagner, Renee’s mother, told InsideEdition.com. "She was sad her dad wasn’t going to be able to walk her down the aisle and there would be no dance."

Claudia and Renee’s sister, however, wanted to find a way to incorporate the dance into the day – even if it had to be non-traditional.

"We wanted to get the men in her life that meant a lot to her but also that knew her dad," Claudia said.

On the big day, Renee was completely surprised as her dad’s brother, Clint, walked up to dance with her, and then her two brothers. Before she knew it, she had danced with six family members to Celine Dion’s "Dance with My Father."

Her husband whisked her away in the final moments of the song.

"She cried," Claudia said. "It totally took her by surprise. We didn’t tell anybody. We didn’t tell the participants until the dance was already started. There was so much love in this dance. When her husband took her into her arms it was just this moment of, 'I have you now.'"

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Claudia said the moment was emotional for everyone there.

"The whole reception was crying and clapping," said Claudia. "Losing her dad really put a void in their lives. I wanted him to be present."

Renee also wore a picture of him inside a locket clipped to her shoe so he could walk with her down the aisle. An empty chair was placed at the ceremony for him as well.

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