Is 'The Arrangement' Based on Tom Cruise? Some Say Plot Is Inspired By His Life

In the new show, a huge movie star auditions a beautiful young actress to be his new wife... for $10 million.

The premise of a new TV drama may sound very familiar to those who closely follow Hollywood rumors.

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The E! series The Arrangement is the story of a fictional movie star who's also the public face of a controversial Hollywood-based organization called Institute of the Higher Mind.

The star, played by Josh Henderson, offers an aspiring actress, portrayed by Christine Evangelista, a $10 million contract to be his wife.

Some say the plot line seems like it was lifted out of the life of Tom Cruise . Cruise’s devotion to the controversial Church of Scientology is well known.

Another possible Cruise connection is that Vanity Fair magazine once reported that after he divorced Nicole Kidman, the Church Of Scientology actually auditioned young actresses to be the Mission Impossible star’s new girlfriend.

The show’s creator, Jonathan Abrahams told The Hollywood Reporter that the plot is not a direct aim at a particular organization or star.

"We were inspired by rumors that we have all heard, and there are many of them," he said. "If you and I took a minute, we could probably come up with 10 couples that we’ve heard might be not real or might have been arranged. And, by the way, that goes back to the golden age of Hollywood."

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Abrahams added: “I’m happy for people to think, 'Oh, this must be the Tom and Katie story.' But then they’ll watch and realize it’s not."

The Arrangement airs Sunday, March 5 on E!

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