Barry Williams Argues with Ex-Girlfriend

Barry Williams, the actor most famous for his role as Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch, is locked in a bitter battle with his ex-girlfriend, who is speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

Barry Williams, also known as Greg Brady, is locked in a bitter battle with his ex-girlfriend.

Williams filed for a temporary restraining order, claiming: "She will rage against me and hit me, she will use any instrument in the apartment as a weapon against me."

Now Williams's ex, Elizabeth Kennedy, is speaking out.  

"Did you ever attack Barry Williams?" asks INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"I never attacked him, I never threatened to, I'm a very gentle spirit," she says.

A mutual friend introduced Williams and Kennedy in 2006. Kennedy says Williams had a dark side, which included a raging temper fueled by alcohol.

"He told me if I ever made him angry enough he would crush me completely and he would obliterate me from his world," Kennedy tells INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.


But Williams says Kennedy was unstable and violent. He claims she "ran into the kitchen, went over to the counter and attempted to pull a knife from the knife holder.  I caught her from behind -- and she tried to kick me, but missed."


"Did you try to pull a knife on Barry Williams?" asks Moret.

"Never, he never would have stood for it and it's never anything I would have done," Kennedy says.

Williams refused to comment. Meanwhile, his restraining order was dismissed...but it's not over yet. Kennedy is now considering filing a palimony suit against the '70's TV icon.


"He's wounded me more than I knew I could be wounded," she says.