Trump Considered Dropping Out of Presidential Race After Release of Infamous Audio, Book Claims

"Game of Thorns" claims Trump was ready to get out and start his own network.

One historian has made the shocking claim that Donald Trump actually considered dropping out of the presidential race with the release of that notorious audio of him many viewed as misogynistic.

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Doug Wead makes the claim in his new book, Game of Thorns,

"There's a very disputed story that I’ve heard from inside Trump Tower that he was ready to quit," he told Inside Edition.

The book is one of the first behind-the-scenes accounts of the historic election.

The author said Trump planned to drop out after that notorious Access Hollywood open mic footage from a decade earlier surfaced where he talked about grabbing women by their genitals.

"He was gonna start his own television network — they even knew who the stars would be and he'd write a book called ‘Rigged,' start a website called 'Rigged,' and Reince Priebus and members of his family said, 'You can't do it,'" Wead said.

Trump had stars like Sean Hannity lined up for his network, but Hannity "totally denies it," according to Wead.

In addition, the author said Melania Trump wasn't happy about her husband running for president.

According to Wead, she said, "'We have such a good life. Why do you want to do this?' and he sounded like a little boy: 'I could have done this.'"

But once Trump's unconventional campaign began, Melania supported her husband, and according to Wead, she felt he would win.

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The author says Bill Clinton suspected the same thing — but no one would listen to him.

He tried to warn Hillary that she was losing voters in critical states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, according to Wead.

“Once in a phone call with Hillary, he took his phone and threw it off the rooftop of his presidential pad in Little Rock," Wead said. "He was so mad."

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