Michael Jackson Impersonator Wins Ultimate Gig - Playing the 'King of Pop' in Biopic

The film is based on a book about Jackson's last days.

The self-proclaimed "world's greatest Michael Jackson impersonator,” is playing the King of Pop in an upcoming Lifetime biopic.

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The actor, who goes by the name Navi, has been playing Jackson for years. He even attended Jackson’s 2005 criminal trial in 2005.

“I was the one who would fly from London to Santa Maria holding a sign that said, 'Smooth But Not A Criminal,'" he told Inside Edition.

Navi has had numerous plastic surgeries to look like his idol, and Jackson approved – and he once applauded for the lookalike at a concert.

Navi says he has even worked for Jackson as a decoy.

“They got me out to leave and you know the police and security and a fan grabbed on to a van yelling, 'Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, I love you, I love you,'" he said.

The movie covers the final years of Jackson’s life and is based on the book Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days told from the perspective of his two bodyguards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard.

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Inside Edition spoke to them 2014, shortly after the book's release.

"Prior to his this is it, he was just fighting for normalcy, laying a foundation for his kids, happy to be on vacation, doing fireworks in Pennsylvania [and] letting us take him to Chuck E. Cheese," Whitfield said.

The biopic, Searching for Neverland, airs on Lifetime in the spring.

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