Firefighters Rescue 150-Pound Dog From Rooftop Twice in One Day After He Climbs Out Window

Firefighters helped Maverick the malamute back into the home, but not thirty minutes later, they received a 911 call saying he had done it again.

Maverick the malamute was not exactly man's best friend when firefighters in Pennsylvania had to rescue him not once, but twice after he got himself stuck on the roof.

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Chief Kevin Hazleton of the Nanticoke City Fire Department told his team was first dispatched to the home after a neighbor called 911 about a dog that had snuck out a second story window, and onto the roof.

“The dog had punched the screen out,” Hazleton said. “We kind of chuckled as we went up.”

He said they were originally nervous to approach the 150-pound malamute since his owners were out running errands, but soon found Maverick to be nothing but friendly.

They eventually got the pup back into the home from the open window, but no more than 30 minutes later, Hazleton said they received another call from the same neighbor.

"The neighbor literally saw the dog open [the window] back up," Hazleton said. "We didn’t want this little guy coming off of the roof."

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So they went back to the scene, and helped Maverick back inside, for the second time in a day.

"It was a warm nice day, and he wanted to be out," Hazleton joked.

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